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Male Facial Aesthetics Procedures

Brow Lift, also called a Forehead Lift
Buccal Fat Pad Excision
Cheek Enhancement
Chin Enhancement
Ear Surgery
Eye Lid Surgery, Upper and Lower
Face Lift
Facial Fillers & Injectables
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Nasal Surgery

Facial Fillers & Injectables

There is an ever greatly expanding population of men that are excellent candidates for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation through the precise selection and application of the appropriate facial filler or injectable.

Men with even the smallest area of concern can now often get this treated and cured, so that really, no complaint or concern is too minor. I understand how these features can at times so profoundly offend men, and I will help you with this.

Men have a variety of issues and a variety of different anatomic features that bring you to consultation. These include wrinkle lines, deep laugh lines, furrows and creases, angry look, and lack of definition. The cheeks may droop and the corners of the mouth droop and look sad. Rejuvenation occurs at the level of the skin or just below where the appropriate product is applied. There is no one product that should be promoted to “fit all”. It may be two or more different products in the same or different sessions. This is known as combination therapy. The treatment areas intimately overlap with your many different anatomic facial features here that must be analyzed and addressed prior to your injection. I will coordinate the features of your anatomy with your expectations, formulate a plan with you, and guide you through this. There is a well defined spectrum of specific techniques and products for facelift rejuvenation and I will explain and illustrate all of these to you. The injection is preceded by a local anesthetic so you have no pain. Camouflage makeup is applied before you leave. You can return to work immediately. The spectrum of injectables I provide in my practice are:

  • Hyaluronic Fillers. This includes Perlane, Restylane, Juvaderm, Captique and others. These are gel based and very natural. The longevity is excellent. Because of their gel consistency and moldability, they are outstanding products for lip and cheek and jawline enhancement in addition to filling wrinkles. They are also excellent for lifting the mouth corners and filling laugh lines. It is a natural product and does not need skin testing.
  • Artefill. This is a permanent filler material. I was personally involved in the FDA approval studies, so I have an extensive experience with this. It is used in selected situations. It needs allergy skin testing one month prior to treatment.
  • Botox. This is the gold standard for treating and deactivating the muscles that cause wrinkles. It may be used in combination with fillers to obtain the best results in some areas.

There is beyond a doubt a very clear art and a skill to facial rejuvenation with injectables. For this reason I spend a great deal of time discussing your anatomy, listening to your expectations, and interpreting for you what your anatomy and tissues will allow me to do in a safe and predictable way THEN knowing which product and how to use it for just this right purpose. In addition, I consider your body as a whole when I build a system into every injectable session that teaches you about what else we can do to preserve your results and prevent or delay the need for later treatments. This system includes special attention to vitamins, supplements, and skin care. Together, all of this allows me to create results that are consistently very beautiful and last a long time. I am delighted to provide you with such profound yet natural facial changes, and ones that have consistently so pleased my male patients and changed their lives.

Please review my article on Artefill and others in the Articles Section of the website.


Before and After photos of Facial fillers for men

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