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San Francisco has long been known for its quality of food and services. Dr. Romano’s “Exquisite Care” Medical Skin Care Center is no exception.Dr. James Romano recognizes the importance of quality skincare to defy aging and create a younger appearance.

Dr. Romano is extremely particular about providing the best possiblepreparation and aftercare for his surgical patients. He and his team aredelay or even prevent the need for future plastic surgery. We take thissame aggressive approach to treating our non-surgical patients.

For this reason, it should be no surprise that Dr. Romano works with only the best. Our esthetics staff is a perfect example of this quality and attention to high standards and detail. We use only experienced and licensed estheticians who specialize in medical grade skin peels. They are experienced and dedicated professionals committed to exceptional service, technique and product knowledge. The staff and Dr. Romano understand how important it is to be, not only human, compassionate,and sensitive, but also very skilled, experienced, smart and professional.

Our esthetics staff is continually increasing their knowledge base,attending conferences, and researching new products and procedures.Just as Dr. Romano will thoroughly customize your plastic surgery according to your expectations, lifestyle and anatomy, the estheticians will do the same for your skin care. They perform the broad spectrum of treatments but especially medical grade peels which provide dramatic improvements and results in pigmentation, looseness, wrinkle lines and texture.

Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive care that achieves dramatic results in the safe and professional setting of a double board-certified, specialty-trained plastic surgeon’s office.  We are dedicated to make you feel not just a patient but, more importantly, a member of our family.

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