It’s no surprise that men and women don’t see eye to eye especially when it comes to beauty. It is after all in the “eye of the beholder”, but when we read the latest survey by BlueBella.com we just couldn’t believe the differences in opinion. What women seem to admire tends to favor the “boyish” long and lean look. The idea body type was Jennifer Anniston’s breasts, Gwyneth Paltrow’s stomach, Emma Watson’s hips and Elle Macpherson’s legs, now that’s a tall glass of water! Women view this body type as toned and trimmed and think this is what the perfect female body looks like.

Men on the other hand had a different take on the perfect female body, surprising many women. Guy’s favored a softer face, fuller breasts, and curvaceous hips. Surprised? They felt the perfect woman’s body type had Kim Kardashians breasts, Kelly Brook’s hips and Megan Fox’s face. Now we’re not saying either is right or wrong, but it’s pleasing to know that those 1950s curves are making their way back into the tastes of the typical male.

Luckily it doesn’t stop there, the survey also asked men and women what they thought the perfect male body looked like and although they are not too far off, there are still some outlying features. Men seemed to like Brad Pitt’s hair, David Beckham’s chiseled bone structure, Ryan Gosling’s abs and Hugh Jackman’s rippling biceps. Women seemed to agree to some aspects of this body type, but used softer adjectives favoring Jamie Dornan’s “beautiful, open face”, Brad Pitt’s biceps and David Beckham’s legs. The perfect male body to women appeared leaner and less bulky than men’s version. It’s important to note that this survey only looked at the opinions of 1,000 people (500 men and 500 women), but it’s interesting to see their perspectives. For more on this study, visit the DailyMail.

Image Credit: Zimbio

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