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Deformities of the labia know no boundaries nor respect any age group. They can be present in the very young as a variation since birth or they can be present in much older women as a consequence of a difficult vaginal delivery. The excess can be confined to one side, or one part of one side, or both in varying degrees and causing much asymmetry. There can be irritation, discomfort in clothing or during exercise, and discomfort during intercourse.
Dr. Romano’s practice of labia surgery centers around these categories:

  • Labial Minora Surgery   A crescent shaped incision is made to design just the right length, projection and shape of the labia you want.  Dr. Romano’s technique  does not create any unusual scarring or interfere with your nerves, sensation or stimulation.
  • Labia Majora Surgery  This is the area just adjacent to the labia minora. Occasionally it is wrinkled or sagging and can be rejuvenated and made youthful with fat grafting.
  • Pubic Mound Surgery  The area of the pubis may demonstrate too much fat or be small and wrinkled and sagging. It can be rejuvenated by liposuction or fat grafting as indicated.

Dr. Romano considers your body as a whole and builds a system into all labial rejuvenation surgeries that allows you to recover much quicker.  His techniques serve to  preserve your surgical outcome and enable Dr. Romano to produce results which are consistently very beautiful, quick to heal, exceptionally natural, and with accomplished with minimal incisions.

Dr. Romano personally provides additional information through his perspective on Labioplasty. Click Here

We recommend you read Dr. Romano’s article on Fat Grafting FAQs which can be found in the Procedure Articles section under Resources


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