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Dr. Romano explains
the procedure:


Deformities and unevenness of the labia can occur from birth just like any other abnormality in our body, or it may be acquired later in life.

The difference here is that oftentimes it is extremely personal, women are particularly self conscious about it, do not want to talk about it, and avoid seeking help for these and other reasons. This is an area of plastic surgery where I have seen time and again where surgical removal of sometimes just fractions of inches of excess tissue can profoundly change a women’s life. I profoundly respect and understand these feelings and want you to know that I can help you with this condition.

Deformities of the labia know no boundaries nor respect any age group. They can be present in the very young as a variation since birth or it can be present in much older woman as a consequence of a difficult vaginal delivery. The excess can be confined to one side or one part of one side or both in varying degrees and causing much asymmetry. There can be irritation, discomfort in clothing or during exercise, or discomfort during intercourse. Labioplasty also deals with the repair of lacerations and tears that can occur from trauma like childbirth. Sometimes there is not a profound deformity and a woman just wants to be smaller and more even. The relevant anatomy here is the labia minora. This is the crescent shaped tissue just adjacent to the vaginal opening and next to the labia majora. It can assume most any shape, length, thickness, or asymmetry. Deformities or excess in the labia are rarely associated with the clitoris. There may be features of the pubic mound (the pubis) or the adjacent labia majora that can also be addressed. Since this is such an important anatomic area, and there are very critical nerves and structures nearby, I take a lot of time and care to review all this with you and coordinate the features of your anatomy with your expectations, formulate a plan with you, make drawings, and guide you through this. There are several very specific surgical techniques and incisions for addressing this condition and I use only the ones that are tried and true and safe. I will review them with you in great detail. Surgery involves a light general anesthetic, performed where I do surgery, which is in a hospital setting. The surgery is safe and predictable. There is a mild degree of swelling after surgery. All the stitches are small and dissolve in 4-7 days with return to work in as little as 2-3 days, and to some physical exercise in the second week. My practice of labia surgery centers around these several categories:

  • Labial Minora Surgery. This is the basic of what I have been discussing here. A crescent shaped incision is made to design just the right length and projection and shape of the labia you want, and the excess removed, and the incision closed. This does not create any unusual scarring or interfere with your nerves, sensation or stimulation.
  • Labia Majora Surgery. This is the area just adjacent to the labia minora. Occasionally it is wrinkled or sagging and can be rejuvenated and made youthful with fat grafting.
  • Pubic Mound Surgery. The area of the pubis may demonstrate too much fat or be small and wrinkled and sagging. It can be rejuvenated by liposuction or fat grafting as indicated.

I spend a great deal of time with you discussing your anatomy, listening to your expectations, drawing pictures, and interpreting for you what your anatomy and tissues will allow me to do in a safe and predictable way. In addition, I consider your body as a whole and I build a system into all labial rejuvenation surgeries that, initially, allows you to recover much quicker and, secondly, it serves to preserve your surgical results. This system includes a special diet, special attention to blood clotting, vitamins, supplements, skin products, physical training and knowing what to avoid. Together, all of this allows me to create results that are consistently very beautiful, quick to heal, exceptionally natural, and with minimal incisions. I am delighted to surgically provide you with such a profound yet natural body image change, and one that has consistently so pleased my patients and changed their lives.

Please also read my article on Fat Grafting FAQs and others in the Articles Section of the website.











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