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Anti - Aging-
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consequences of age.

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Anti Aging Overview

Aging is not a bad thing. I strongly subscribe to the fact that aging can be managed. As we live fuller and longer lives, we are becoming increasingly aware of this natural phenomenon.

The external signs of aging are all obvious to us, from the simplest fine wrinkle lines of a twenty-something year old, to the crippling severe contractures that disable and prevent independent ambulation in an octogenarian. Awareness of aging comes from all around us, in the media, medical breakthroughs and advances in skin care and plastic surgery.

Basically, aging is the byproduct of our bodies decreasing ability to quickly and efficiently repair and maintain itself. There is a never-ending struggle between the forces that contribute to deterioration and breakdown, and our body’s ability to identify, fortify, and combat these forces. Our comprehensive approach to anti-aging is focused at not only prolonging life but also improving the quality and appearance of every aspect of our life and lifestyle.

Until very recently, anti-aging interventions have emphasized and utilized mostly supplements, skin care, and plastic surgery to combat the effects and appearance of aging. More extensive learning and emphasis on diet, lifestyle, and nutrition have expanded our knowledge tremendously. The combination of traditional and emerging methods in medicine, skin care, and nutrition begin the cycle of anti-aging. Exciting advances in the areas of hormonal therapy and clinical genetics will soon become available to complete the cycle of anti-aging therapies. Now, each level and category of the anti-aging cycle has become closely interactive and interdependent.

As people live fuller and longer lives, they are becoming increasingly aware of the external signs of aging. My team guides patients through new advances in nutrition, lifestyle, and cosmetic procedures that provide increased energy and an appearance that compliments patients’ level of youthfulness and vitality.


  • Wear and tear: Constant internal and external stresses on the body from diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors cause damage to the proteins that affect DNA, hormones, and enzymes.
  • Free radical: Excessive levels of cellular metabolism waste products cause repetitive and cumulative damage, depleting nutrients and disabling vital functions.
  • Gene control: As cells age, they discontinue normal repair and maintenance functions—a process that can worsen when pollutants and contaminants cause gene cross-linking, which then disables the DNA building blocks, hormones, and enzymes.
  • Neuroendocrine: Decreasing or less potent hormones drive the aging process.


  • Diminished skin elasticity, which causes wrinkles, skin lesions, folds, and uneven pigmentation.
  • Hair loss.
  • Decreased bone density.
  • Loss of energy, vitality, and endurance.
  • Inhibited digestion and bowel habits, which causes intolerance for certain foods.
  • Disrupted sleep patterns.
  • Inability to heal wounds or recover from injuries.
  • Decreased concentration and susceptibility to mood swings.
  • Diminished coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Decreased libido.


My office provides an integrated algorithm approach to plastic surgery and anti-aging. I have thoroughly researched and provide the best medical grade resources for the following. My approach is based on knowledge about what we recommend and the science of testing and evaluation then recommending, then referrals to other highly qualified specialists. We offer:

  • State of the art medical grade skin care with emphasis on anti-aging and maintenance, provided in the office by dedicated highly skilled staff.
  • Up to date information on supplements you should be taking.
  • Information and referrals on diet and nutrition.
  • Information and referrals on exercise and personal trainers.

My office is devoted to providing education and resources to prevent or delay the aging process and improve your quality of life. My approach is objective, and we only recommend interventions that are trusted and tested. In all cases, medical testing and analysis of both your specific condition and your overall health are central to your treatment. Where there is the need for expert evaluation, you will be referred to one of my highly qualified, hand-picked consultants.

My practice of modern plastic surgery supports your total well-being, integrated into a total anti-aging program. We believe that aging can be managed.

At the core of all interventions lies education - this is our best provision against aging.









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