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The New Cosmetic Surgery Frontier: 
Nipple Enhancements

A growing number of plastic surgeons are offering so-called nipple enhancement surgery, which leaves patients with more prominent nipples that may protrude slightly under tight clothing.   Some surgeries can be completed under local anesthesia in less than an hour.

Doctors say requests for the surgery – which scarcely existed a few years ago – have pick up in recent months as revealing fashions have made the nipple something approaching an accessory.  From Gucci to Old Navy, sheer and clingy is the going look.  Right T-shirts in particular have become fashion statements. Dr. James Romano of San Francisco has performed roughly 15 in the past six months.  (About one-third of Dr. Romano’s patients are men). 

A Chest of Gold


More and more often, when men don’t achieve results through weightlifting and exercise, they compensate with cosmetic surgery.  Pectoral implants, although still a niche product, are growing in popularity.
Randall shopped around, researched the pros and cons, and chose Dr. James J. Romano, a San Francisco plastic surgeon who performs 35 to 40 pec implant surgeries per year.  Romano says, “It’s almost a cult following, although it’s growing because of the media and the Internet.  For the most part it’s cosmetic, but in some cases men seek implants because of congenital deformities.  They’re missing ribs or a pectoral muscle on one hand, or there’s a natural concavity they want to correct.”  
During the operation, Romano says, “I make an incision high up in the armpit in the hair bearing region.  It’s about three fingers wide.  Then the space is made under the muscle in what we call a ‘free area’ in surgery; free of nerves, free of blood vessels.”   He then folds the implant in half and positions it between the pectoral muscles, sews up the incision and then repeats the process on the other side of the chest.  “Recovery is mostly quite comfortable,” Romano says, “and is usually complete within two weeks.”   Romano says he screens patients carefully to make sure their expectations are realistic. 


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