NEW AND EXCITING CHANGES IN BREAST AUGMENTATION INCISIONS JAMES ROMANO MD INTRO There has been an explosion recently in the very new science in choosing a breast implant surgery incision. This comes from directly all of our new information about biofilm and its direct relationship to infection, but mostly, the most feared side effect of… Read more »

Fat Grafting Breast

Fat Grafting Breast HISTORY Fat grafting to the breast can be traced back to as early as 1893 with a long trail of published articles. It did not really become popular until 1987 with anecdotal reports of procedures by Mel Bircoll MD in Los Angeles. That same year our society the ASPS put a two-year… Read more »


Dr. James Romano has compiled important information relating to plastic surgery. All documents can be downloaded and viewed with Adobe Reader. Air Travel Instructions Artefill Treatment Botox FDA Breast Compression Exercises Breast Foam Roller Exercises Breast Implant Contracture Breast Implant Follow-Up Computer Imaging Eye Blepharitis Eye Pinkeye Facelift Theory Fat Grafting FAQs Gynecomastia Info Hair… Read more »