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While a traditional face lift is the most effective way to achieve that youthful and rested face, many patients are turning to the surgery-free liquid face lift to get very similar results. Find out more on what the liquid face lift is.


A recent survey has made an interesting connection between social media and cosmetic surgery. This is how social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are quickly changing the way that many Americans are going about their looks.

5 Years After Your Face Lift and Still Counting

Analyzing the effects after your face lift surgery When thinking about a face lift, one of the most important questions patients ask is “How long will my results last?” Most of the answers to this question were anecdotal… until now.


Nine months of pregnancy and the added months of nursing can certainly take its toll on the body, leaving you looking and feeling completely different. A mommy makeover is designed to help you feel like yourself again.


A Brief History on the Beginning of Breast Implants Just about 50 years after the inventions of modern breast implants, breast augmentation has skyrocketed to becoming the most performed cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States.

Mentor MemoryShape Implants Now FDA Approved for Breast Surgery

The new anatomically-shaped implants by Mentor Corporation received FDA approval this week. The company announced in a news release that clearance had been granted for women 22 and older getting breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. The new implant offers “the perfect balance of shape and feel to obtain the natural and youthful look patients desire,”… Read more »

How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon in the Bay Area

If you’re seeking a cosmetic plastic surgeon in San Francisco, Dr. Romano should be among the first offices you visit. If you have decided to get cosmetic surgery, you’ll have a better experience if you partner with a compassionate, qualified, and skilled plastic surgeon. After you do some preliminary research, schedule consultations with a few… Read more »

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The New York Times Magazine December 15, 2002 Umbilicoplasty – Breast implants and liposuction are the traditional ways to create a new you. But this year a new body part went under the knife: the navel. Last spring plastic surgeons began reporting a curious spike in the number of women requesting navel reconstruction – or… Read more »

The Use of Ultrasound in Cosmetic Surgery

James J. Romano, MD There are numerous exciting new applications of ultrasound therapy in cosmetic surgery. Ultrasound has been used for cosmetic purposes since around the early 1980s. Widespread therapeutic usage, safety, precise control and excellent, predictable results have made ultrasound an important addition to cosmetic surgery practices such as mine. New and current uses… Read more »

Ultrasonic Liposuction

James J. Romano, MD BACKGROUND INFORMATION Over the years the technique of liposuction to remove excess fat tissue has steadily improved. Suction-assisted lipectomy (SAL) has undergone many modifications and improvements to become one of the most important tools in the collection of cosmetic surgery techniques. Ultrasound-assisted lipectomy (UAL) has been practiced in Europe since the… Read more »

Silicone Vs. Saline

Silicone breast implants are once again available in the United States as of 2007, ending a restriction dating back to 1993. This landmark decision by the Food and Drug Administration gives U.S. women access to the same implants women in more than 75 countries have long had as an option. The website is a… Read more »

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