Men who suffer from gynecomastia may feel embarrassed about their bodies and alone in the struggle to fix it, but this endocrine disorder is actually more common than many people think. Although gynecomastia, also coined by the nomenclature “man boobs”can be caused by an endocrine disorder 95% of the time it is mostly fat tissue… GYNECOMASTIA“>Read more »


Contrary to common misconceptions, plastic surgery procedures are growing within the male demographic, some becoming more prevalent than others, and facial implants happens to be one of them. Dr. Romano has performed these procedures on both men and women, but has recently seen more frequency of requests from men. “Most of my male patients have… CHIN ENHANCEMENT
SURGERY“>Read more »


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery requests are making their way into our office regularly. Patients are interested in giving themselves a refreshed and wide eyed look. Through this predictable surgery Dr Romano can remove some of the fatty deposits in their upper and lower eye regions or reduce the size of double eyelids. Hidden under glasses… HIGHLIGHT ON BLEPHAROPLASTY“>Read more »