Most Popular Procedures for San Francisco, CA

Breast Augmentation

Before & After Breast Augmentation, San Francisco CA
Interested in breast augmentation surgery? Dr. James Romano is the best professional serving San Francisco with tubular breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Romano evaluates the unique factors of each individual case to provide you with the best specific breast augmentation methods for you!


Before & After Facelift, San Francisco CA
As you age and your face begins to loosen and wrinkle, a facelift procedure can be a great, easy and safe measure to tighten and assist your facial and neck muscles. Dr. Romano will examine a variety of elements of your face before beginning any procedures, including bone foundation, muscles, ligaments, your skin layer and more.

Tubular Breast Correction

Tubular Breast Correction Before & After, San Francisco CA
Tubular breast correction serves to correct uneven and oval breast shape through use of careful implanting and precise incisions to release scar tissue. Dr. Romano has a special expertise in tubular breast corrective surgery, and has served patients from all over the world with dramatic improvement in breast shape.

Neck Lift

Necklift Before & After Photos, San Francisco CA

A neck lift is a surgical procedure to resolve issues of excess fat, loose skin, or muscle banding in the neck. Age can leave wear on your neck, and a simple neck lift can drastically improve the skin and muscle around your neck. A neck lift should especially be considered if you’ve also received a facelift, since having work done on the face but not the neck could leave an inconsistent appearance between the two areas. In such a case, a neck lift would be particularly important to consider when evaluating your appearance.

Breast Implant Correction

Before & After Breast Implant Correction, San Francisco CA
Breast implant and augmentation revision is a common procedure Dr. Romano performs, and he can utilize anything from implants to incisions to give you the breast shape you really want. Dr. Romano is known for his expertise in breast surgery, and he can correct anything that needs adjusting from a previous implant procedure.

Facial Liposuction

Before & After - Facial Liposuction in San Francisco CA
If you’re looking for a safe and reliable solution to excess fatty deposits in your face and neck area, turn to the professional treatment from Dr. James Romano. His advanced technique will take little time, but dramatically rejuvenate your face and neck.

Buffalo Hump

Before & After Buffalo Hump Surgery, San Francisco CA
Many people experience the development of a bump at the base of their neck that alters the shape of their lower neck/upper back area. This accumulation of excess fat is known as Lipodystrophy, or more commonly called “buffalo hump”. This is a common condition, and one that Dr. Romano has extensive experience treating.

Nipple Reduction

Before & After Nipple Reduction, San Francisco CA
Nipple and breast reduction is a common procedure for women born with larger breasts or areolas. The reduction surgery from Dr. Romano is a brief and less intensive process. Turn to the professionals at Dr. James Romano for breast reduction surgery in San Francisco!

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift, San Francisco CA
A Brazilian butt lift is a popular technique of enhancing the posterior area of your body through relocating fat to provide your body with a curvier shape. Dr. Romano does not implant silicone enhancements, but instead builds a figure for yourself that you desire using the natural means your body already possesses. Dr. Romano offers micro fat grafting and fat grafting in other areas of the body as well.

Breast Liposuction

Breast Liposuction Before & After, San Francisco CA

Liposuction of the breasts can be a viable option for women to lift and reduce the breasts and alleviate symptoms of a larger chest. You can also create a more preferable shape, correct asymmetries, and make it easier to fit into clothing.This is a new and innovative procedure. Dr. Romano has performed dozens of breast reduction by liposuction procedures for women with overly large breasts due to natural growth, weight gain, and a variety of other reasons. Dr. Romano’s work always produces beautiful and natural results.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Before & After - Tummy Tuck Surgery, San Francisco CA
A tummy tuck surgery, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a tried method for removing excess fat and skin as well as tightening muscles in the abdomen to provide your body with a much flatter shape. Whether for women hoping to assist their body following a pregnancy, or for men looking for an alternative means to improve their shape, a tummy tuck surgery from Dr. James Romano in San Francisco can be just the change you need!

Male Liposuction

Male Liposuction - Before & After, San Francisco CA

Liposuction and cosmetic procedures for men are becoming increasingly common, and with good reason. Most often, men want to tailor their appearance to their energy, lifestyle, and physical state. A growing emphasis on health and wellness makes men want their bodies to cooperate with how they feel and maintain themselves on a daily basis.Dr. Romano is comfortable and experienced in male liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries, and his attention devoted to each patient ensures quick recovery. The state and maintenance of the whole body is taken into account as he will build a plan for dieting, supplements, training, vitamins, clothing and more.

Male Plastic Surgery

Male Plastic Surgery Before & After, San Francisco CA
Dr. Romano will emphasize the natural, elegant look of your face, as opposed to providing facial work that appears overdone or drastic. He wants you to look like your natural self, just younger. He is very careful in your consultation to determine the factors which, when taken together, make you a good candidate for surgery and a good fit with him. If there is anything that is missing or not a good fit, he does not perform your surgery. Dr. Romano chooses his patients just like you choose your doctor. The male facial aesthetic work of Dr. Romano is widely regarded for the skill and confidence exhibited.

Calf Implants

Before & After Calf Implants, San Francisco CA

Calf implants can be a great benefit for anyone bothered by having particularly thin legs, asymmetry or lack of definition. Many men and women have pursued calf enlargement with Dr. Romano, whose skill and experience will help determine what type of calf enhancement would work best for you.The most common way, which are calf implants, are a method by which Dr. Romano inserts implants over calf muscles specifically shaped to correspond to your muscles. However, there’s also the option of fat grafting of your calf, which works similarly to fat grafting process elsewhere on the body.


Liposculpture - Before & After Photos, San Francisco CA
An alternative to liposuction, Liposculpture is an approach to cosmetic weight loss focused more on shaping the body to a preferred contour rather than simply removing weight. Our Liposculpture services extend beyond liposuction and into lifts, fat grafting, tummy tucks and much more.

Cosmetic Surgery

Before & After Cosmetic Surgery, San Francisco CA
Dr. Romano is the best qualified cosmetic surgery specialist serving the San Francisco area. From his background of facial reconstructing and recovering people from trauma and cancer damage to his experience at Johns Hopkins Hospital and USC, his professional and artistic approach to cosmetic surgery makes him the best option for restoring a natural, elegant facial look.

Male Chest Implants

Male Chest Implant Surgery, San Francisco CA
A flat or uneven chest is a common problem with men, even those who partake in exercise and weight-lifting. The body doesn’t always cooperate with the progress you attempt, so pectoral chest implants are often a great way to give your chest the shape you’re striving for.

Plastic Surgeon

ASAPS Logo, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
Dr. James Romano’s years of service as a plastic surgeon makes him the best source of facial cosmetic surgery in San Francisco. His background of facial trauma at Johns Hopkins Hospital led to a faculty position at USC, which then led to him fully developing his skills as an effective and creative practitioner of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures in San Francisco. Dr. Romano has been featured in San Francisco Magazine’s Top Doctor Award, and is affiliated with The University of California San Francisco.


Labiaplasty Procedure, San Francisco CA
A labiaplasty procedure from Dr. Romano can provide great relief from a deformity of the vaginal area. Uncommon shape or unevenness of the labia can be a condition incurred even from birth, and Dr. James Romano can offer a range of procedures to fix any abnormal condition of the labia.


Before & After Gynecomastia, San Francisco CA
Gynecomastia, the excess of fat in the chest, can happen to men of many ages. Thanks to Dr. Romano, you can retain your body’s look with a simple surgery involving suction or removal of excess male breast areas.
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