Out-of-Town Patients

Since information on the Internet spans the entire globe, it is no accident that patients now seek out and will travel to a plastic surgeon with demonstrated special expertise.

There are many good reasons to travel long distances for plastic surgery as long as it is organized and thoroughly planned out in advance. Dr. Romano, together with his entire staff, will make this journey safe, comfortable and fulfilling for you.

Initial evaluation and screening is done very thoroughly prior to visiting the office. This involves Dr. Romano’s personal and thorough review of your medical history, photographs, old records and any other pertinent information.

This is followed by a personal telephone call with Dr. Romano and a virtual consultation during which you are both reviewing your photographs as you talk.

Once a thorough discussion has occurred and you are both satisfied, plans can be made to visit the office. This may be in one trip for consultation and surgery at the same time, or it may be split into two visits. You and Dr. Romano will mutually decide on this.

Please call or contact the office for any further information or to schedule an appointment.

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