Status of Return
to Practice of Dr. Romano

Dr Romano Practice Policies and Precautions

Dr Romano and his practice and office have created a “safe space”. We will at all times be in complete compliance to all of the San Francisco and State of California mandates for return to business. Furthermore, the office will be strictly adherent to all safety measures necessary to insure safety of patients and our staff. This includes:

  1. Absolute adherence to no staff person or Dr Romano coming into the office when they or any family member have any signs of a cold.
  2. Ongoing screening of all patients prior to appointments for any history of symptoms
  3. Ongoing screening patients at the time of appointment.
  4. Strict adherence to personal hygiene, hand washing and minimal contact
  5. Strict adherence to environmental cleaning; sterilization of all surfaces continuously and at all times every day
  6. Strict screening of any patient prior to surgery. This will be done by Dr Romano and the CPMC assessment.
  7. Ongoing monitoring of any regulations, research, publications and interventions that may contribute to prevention and treatment.

Please call for any questions or information. Our office is open daily. 415-981-3911

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