Belly Button Surgery

Belly Button Surgery

Belly button (umbilicus) abnormalities can be something you are born with, or they may develop later in life under different circumstances. From birth you may notice a bulge or puffy area that is too large or too deep, or has an unusual shape to your umbilicus. This is an extremely common condition. Many men and women are not aware that Dr. Romano can perform an artistic, simple, safe, and predictable operation to remedy this abnormality. He utilizes a custom surgical technique that he has designed, which provides a totally safe and predictable correction of belly button deformities. Operations are performed under a local anesthesia, and patients return to home or activities the same day.

Dr. Romano Explains

This is an extremely common condition that many men and women dislike and are not aware that an artistic, simple, safe, and predictable operation to cure it is available.

Many patients are born with or have developed a bulging or abnormal belly button and never feel comfortable exposing this area. You have often lived this way for years and had no idea a great operation is available to give you the result you want, and it will cure this issue once and for all. I understand this, and I can help you.

Belly button (umbilicus) abnormalities can be something you are born with, or may develop later in life under different circumstances. From birth you may notice a bulging, puffy, too-large, too-deep, or unusual shape to your umbilicus. Patients often describe that they want a more circular or youthful belly button or one that goes “in” and not “out.” Or abnormal features to your umbilicus may occur after weight gain or weight loss, previous hernia surgery, pregnancy, breast implant surgery, or trauma. Either way, umbilicoplasty surgery is something that can be highly customized to create the size, shape, diameter, and depth you desire.

In my hands correction of umbilical deformities is a very comfortable and predictable operation done under a local anesthesia, and it takes about an hour. With very small, imperceptible incisions in the depths of your umbilicus, excess tissue is removed, the umbilicus is reshaped, and any small hernias can be repaired. You will obtain a permanent and beautiful result, and you can return to work the same day and begin exercise in two days. The tiny stitches are dissolvable.

Surgery on the umbilicus is very common in my practice. I have performed many of these procedures and not a single patient has experienced any problems with this surgery that I have now been performing for over 20 years. I have special expertise in this procedure, and I spend a great deal of time discussing your anatomy, listening to your expectations, and interpreting for you what your anatomy and body will safely and predictably allow me to do. In addition I build a system into every surgery that, initially, allows you to recover much more quickly and, secondly, preserves your surgical results. This system includes a special diet, vitamins, supplements, skin products, physical training, and knowing what to avoid. Together all of this allows me to create results that are consistently very beautiful, quick to heal, and exceptionally natural. I use minimal incisions, especially in an area of such great importance to men and women. Even though patients occasionally tell me they think this condition is trivial, it is clearly a high priority, or you would not be reading this. I am delighted to provide you such a profound body-image change, one that has so consistently pleased my patients and changed their lives.

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