Male Facial Wasting

Facial Wasting

There is a condition of facial wasting that I would like to dedicate this section to. It occurs in patients on antiviral medications and can be very dramatic. Features are typically sunken cheeks, very prominent cheek bones not concealed by the usual fat layer, hollowness, and sunken temples. This condition commonly accompanies patients on antiviral drugs for HIV. It is also known as Lipodystrophy.
There are several techniques to address this including but not limited to custom implants, fat grafting, facial fillers and face-lifting. In most patients with facial wasting cheek implants are the best or first solution, later coupled with injectables to “fill in the edges”.Dr. Romano has expertise in cheek implants specifically for facial wasting and has performed many of these operations with very natural results.
The options Dr. Romano offers patient in the spectrum of facial wasting treatments are:

  • Facial Implants. This is the gold standard of treatment described above. Implants that are specifically designed, carved, and placed can beautifully fill out the midface concavities and provide a tremendous and natural result.
  • Filler Materials and Injectables. Dr. Romano uses these to fill in around the edges of where the implant is placed.
  • Facelift. Sometimes there is skin laxity that, once tightened, very much improves the look.

Separately or together, this options enable Dr. Romano to create results that are consistently attractive, quick to heal, exceptionally natural, and with minimal incisions, especially in the face.

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