Telemedicine Resource Center

Dr Romano and staff are profoundly humbled by the current crisis situation and the importance of social awareness and the health of our patients and staff. Even though the office is closed except for emergencies, Dr Romano and staff are immediately available every day, as always. Since we are still experiencing ongoing new patient inquiries and phone calls, we wanted to simplify remote telemedicine consultations and offer this free of charge given the current climate.

  1. Start here to begin your free Consultation Process personally with Dr. Romano. We have simplified the process to follow:
    1. Start by submitting your questions and concerns on our contact form.
    2. Access and fill out our intake form by using the password plasticsf101.
    3. Read and be aware of the Telemedicine Information and Consent form
    4. Submit photos. Follow the instructions on this page. Please advoid selfies if possible.
    5. Do your research and prepare a list of any questions you may have.
    6. We will call and email you, confirm receipt of the above and set up a personal phone call telemedicine interview with Dr. Romano.
  2. Click here to get daily updates from Public Health Departments.
  3. Click here to get update on the status of surgery center and CPMC hospitals and when they are opening up.
  4. Click here to get information on Dr. Romano, the staff, office and return to business.

Please call for any questions or information. Our office is open daily. 415.981.3911

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