Virtual Consult and Telemedicine

Dr Romano and staff have always offered virtual consults by telephone, photo review and Zoom, so this is nothing new and we do this with great features and efficiency. Our consultations are far better than most because we:

  1. Arrange a meeting with Dr Romano personally and you have his undivided attention.
  2. Strictly and considerately adhere to your schedule.
  3. Review your photos with the ability to DRAW and DIAGRAM on your images to
    address questions as it relates to your anatomy and expectations.
  4. Review your detailed history; present concerns, past, medical, social and more.
  5. PowerPoint presentation review of typical photographs, issues, anesthesia and recovery.
  6. Shared review of the fee quotation document which we later email to you.
  7. Shared review of documents specific to your procedure which we will send you.

To Get Started:
Virtual consult by phone or by Zoom. Start here to begin your Consultation Process personally with Dr. Romano. We have simplified the process to follow:

a. Start by submitting your questions and concerns on our contact form.
b. Alternately, call the office 415 981 3911.
c. Access and fill out our intake form by using the password plasticsf101.
d. Read and be aware of the Telemedicine Information and Consent form
e. Submit photos. Follow the instructions on this page. Please avoid selfies.
f. Do your research and prepare a list of any questions you may have.
g. We will call and email you, confirm receipt of the above and set up a personal phone call telemedicine interview with Dr. Romano.

Please call for any questions or information. Our office is open daily. 415.981.3911

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