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Dr. James Romano


Dr. James Romano is a highly respected and sought after board-certified plastic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay area. Dr. Romano is known for his artistry in cosmetic surgery whose story is best told through before and after images. Achieving beautiful contours and natural results.

Avoiding an “assembly line practice” Dr. Romano approaches each patient as a new challenge; an opportunity to improve someone’s life in a very substantial way. Whether it is cosmetic surgery of the breast, body, face, or a reconstruction procedure, the same thought process and artistic vision comes into play. Using proprietary interventions before and during surgery, Dr. Romano’s efforts are to minimize discomfort and bruising and to speed the healing process. He helps patients to decide if and how plastic surgery supports their total well-being goals. He does not operate on everybody.

My practice has been built on high-quality cosmetic surgery of the face and body. My work is my fulfillment in life. It is more than a profession.

As a perfectionist, Dr. Romano loves using his hands to create beauty and intentionally takes the extra “time with each procedure.” His incredible attention to detail is why his patients are transformed with undetectable and natural results.

I build a very thorough plan before surgery. My goal is to match a patient’s expectations with what their anatomy will allow me to do safely and predictably and naturally.

Before surgery, Dr. Romano meets with his patients multiple times to plan every detail and anticipate every challenge. He has in-depth conversations about what the patient wants and carefully explains what can be achieved. Dr. James Romano believes it is essential that patients do their research and consult with more than one plastic surgeon before making a decision.

I want to be that person. I am always humbled when a patient chooses me after seeing five other plastic surgeons. I am privileged that patients trust me to do what I do.

Hear from Our Patients

Dr. Romano – You changed my life. I stand in the mirror and smile. I have pride when I walk down the street. This is best thing in my life right now .

Jane P.

Dr. James Romano has extensive training and much more than the typical plastic surgeon. Including five years of general surgery residency at New York University and Georgetown University followed by three years of plastic residency at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

  • Assistant Chief of Service at The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at The University of Southern California
  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of California San Francisco
  • Private practices in Beverly Hills, California, Washington DC, Baltimore Maryland, and now in San Francisco, California
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Board of Surgery
  • American Society Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Maintenance of Certification Plastic Surgery (MOCPS)

Dr. Romano adheres to a strict code of ethics. He also fulfills continuing medical education requirements including standards and innovations in patient safety, which are offered only in accredited medical facilities.

Some call Dr. Romano, “A Renaissance Man” because his interests and skills are so widespread. Dr. Romano is the only plastic surgeon who volunteers at the San Francisco Free Clinic. He travels to Guatemala to solve many problems including cleft palates, and strongly believes in using his skills to bring relief to those who would continue to suffer without his help.

I’m a pilot, an art collector, a cook, a traveler, and a surgical volunteer.

How Dr. Romano Stands Out

I will bring all of experiences to bear on your cosmetic surgery experience and education. My entire staff will do everything you need to make the process comfortable and rewarding.

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