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Male Body Contouring

Men are increasingly seeking cosmetic surgical procedures, and for all the right reasons. The most common reason is they simply want their appearance to complement their vitality, energy, lifestyle, and state of well-being. With the growing emphasis on health and wellness, exercise, nutrition, longevity, and anti-aging, men are feeling stronger and more youthful feel better longer and want their appearance to be in harmony with that feeling.

Dr Romano understands and is familiar with these requests. He is comfortable, artistic, and accomplished in the all of the areas of male cosmetic surgery, and he emphasizes hidden incisions and a natural, refreshed look that is never “overdone.” Dr. Romano’s personalized attention to each patient ensures rapid recovery and quick return to work and normal routine; he considers your body as a whole and builds a system that includes a special diet, vitamins, supplements, special garments, skin products, physical training, and knowing what to avoid.

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Male Facial Aesthetics

Dr. Romano’s is highly recognized for his skills and confidence in performing facial cosmetic surgery. First, he has an extraordinary background of experience in facial surgery for trauma, cancer, and reconstruction. This was developed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and later polished in his years as full-time faculty member at the University of Southern California where he was head of a section that taught facial trauma and reconstruction. These many skills learned and utilized in facial trauma, cancer, and reconstruction make Dr. Romano a better facial cosmetic surgeon. Secondly, he is very artistic and creative in his approach to modifying facial features; he emphasizes the natural, elegant look and not something overdone, drastic, or totally transformed. He wants you to look like your natural self, just younger. Dr. Romano has a reputation for natural, graceful, elegant results. Thirdly, and importantly, Dr. Romano does not accept all patients. He is very careful in your consultation to determine those factors that, taken together, make you a good candidate for surgery and a good fit with him. If there is anything that is missing or not a good fit, he does not perform your surgery. Dr. Romano chooses his patients just like you choose your doctor.

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