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When you combine medical skincare with the enormous role skincare plays as an adjunct to virtually each and every plastic surgery procedure Dr. Romano performs, it is no surprise that he is such an advocate. But skincare in his office is like no other. Dr. Romano personally inspects and oversees the process, and he demands high standards, aggressive services, top-of-the-line products, and impeccable technique. All of this is so you get the results that Dr. Romano wants and you expect.

Dr. Romano is extremely particular about providing the best possible preparation and aftercare for his surgical patients. He and his team are dedicated to doing all they can to preserve your surgical result and then delay or even prevent the need for future plastic surgery. We take this same aggressive approach to treating our non-surgical patients.

Your educational consultation begins with a thorough skin cleansing and analysis so we can assess your skin, and then incorporate this analysis and your home program into a total skin rejuvenation treatment program. Patients need to be pre-conditioned properly prior to treatments. Dr. Romano and his medical esthetician will guide you through an individualized skin rejuvenation treatment program.

Just as Dr. Romano will thoroughly customize your plastic surgery according to your expectations, lifestyle and anatomy, our medical esthetician will do the same for your skin care. She performs the broad spectrum of treatments but especially medical grade peels which provide dramatic improvements and results in pigmentation, looseness, wrinkle lines and texture.

Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive care that achieves dramatic results in the safe and professional setting of a double board-certified, specialty-trained plastic surgeon’s office.  We are dedicated to make you feel not just a patient but, more importantly, a member of our family.

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