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Treatment of Abnormal Skin Conditions

In my office, the methods of providing skincare and educating patients are collectively referred to as “Skin Fitness.” This is a highly customized program, as it needs to be, to address your individual and particular features.


There are a broad spectrum of known skin conditions and many of which I treat in my skin care department. I work with many Dermatologists and my services are not meant to replace, but rather, complement these. I do not deal as much with disease states as with skin conditions that are known to lead to premature aging. I focus on maintenance of surgical results, creation and maintenance of youthful features, and minimally invasive interventions that will prevent or delay the need for future plastic surgery.


First, a detailed conversation about your impressions of your present skin condition and expectations sets the foundation of what we want to achieve together. Next, a careful history that assembles all of your past skin treatments, services, and products, and the results you have obtained from these, is taken. Following this, a very thorough skin exam that addresses all aspects of your skin condition and skin health is performed and documented. All of this information is then integrated with a discussion of your lifestyle, exercise habits, outdoor activities, work environment, and tolerance levels in order to formulate a special custom program to give you the results you want. In summary, we combine your expectations, history, exam, and lifestyle to formulate your custom Skin Fitness program.


Men have special needs in skincare, especially as these needs may relate to your work and lifestyle. Men generally have larger pores, and their facial hair may challenge skincare. And daily shaving creates its own problems and needs. We understand and address the needs of men. Your skincare program is designed to give you results in a safe and predictable way. It is designed to delay or prevent the need for plastic surgery and preserve the results of any procedure you may have.


Below is a list of the main skin conditions I treat. There may be others, so please call the office. Follow the links to the corresponding article.

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