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Collectively this will serve to assure you that Dr. Romano’s office is totally dedicated to you, the patient, and everything we do centers around you. In addition, Dr. Romano is committed to the highest degree of organization and professionalism. This will create an environment and level of communication in which all of your dealings with him will be very proper. It will make it easier for you to choose Dr. Romano as your plastic surgeon, and for him to choose you as his patient.

You will find that Dr. Romano’s policies are very clear and precise so that there will be no mistaking at any time what you can expect or what Dr. Romano will provide. This is accomplished by frequent, detailed conversations with plentiful exchange of questions and answers. Dr. Romano also utilizes computer imaging, review of photographs, detailed drawings, connecting you with similar patients of his, and other tools that will be made available to you.

At no time will you have to deal with anyone or anything vague.

Meet Our Patients

Dear Dr. Romano, I remain ever grateful for your mentorship, friendship, & continual support. It has meant so much to me over the years. Thank you for being genuine & sincere with me always, & setting an example as a surgeon & person I aspire to be like as well, with your grace, wisdom & humility. Warmly, Ginger UCSF Plastic Surgeon

Thank you James for such a great job! My breasts look so natural and feel so soft that my boyfriend still doesn’t know that I did breast augmentation. I have been living with him for 2 years. And I think he is very proud of my breasts. Also I stopped wearing bras. I hated them a lot! I feel happy and free. Thank you again!

Dear Dr. Romano, You have made the last year of my life wonderful!!! When you look good you feel good. You are the best of the best…But more importantly you are a good person as I would say a good soul. With extraordinary talents! My best! Please enjoy the wine! You made a comment about your brother being the artsy one in your family. Your skills are like an artist. 

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