Consultation Process

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Consultation Process

For the convenience of my patients from out of town there is a streamlined process by which you can have questions answered, engage in a conversation with me, and even go through a long distance consultation.

This process will enable you to learn about your anatomy and options for treatment. This is a very structured communication designed to quickly and efficiently drill down on your expectations, your anatomy, health, and what your body will allow me to do surgically. In this way I do not waste your time or mine.

The sequence involves:

  • Your initial contact. Either by email or telephone. I answer all my email inquiries personally. Phone call inquiries are addressed in a timely fashion. After your initial contact and my response, you will decide if you want to proceed further.
  • Email Photographs and intake forms. If we mutually decide to proceed after initial contact, I will next instruct you which representative photographs to email for my review.
  • Schedule a phone call with Dr. Romano. After I receive the above documents and photos, the staff will set up an electronic file for you and call you to schedule a phone call with me. During this phone call I will discuss your expectations, anatomy, and surgical options. I will quote prices and discuss scheduling and travel.
  • Next Steps. If we agree to proceed, we will coordinate all the next steps which include office visit(s), scheduling, fees, medical or lab issues, transportation, hotels, and more.

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