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Concierge Services

Dr. Romano sees many patients from out of town and out of the country. We have a concierge service available to make your surgery and stay in San Francisco easy, safe, and enjoyable.

San Francisco is a very popular vacation destination and it is common for patients to combine surgery with a vacation and visits to Napa Valley wine country, Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate National Park, Muir Woods and many other local unique attractions.

We have an extensive and well-organized concierge service that can coordinate your entire visit or you can pick what service you need help with.


  • My patient counselor and extraordinary staff
    • Immediately responsive to all your questions, needs, and concerns
    • Coordinating all of your medical appointments and requirements
    • Providing nursing services and overnight care
  • Transportation
    • Pick-up and delivery
    • Personalized tours and drivers
  • Hotels
  • Personal trainers, outdoor and wilderness adventures
  • Attractions in San Francisco and day trips to surrounding areas
  • Restaurants and Fine Dining

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