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Meet Our Patients – I consider this one of the most powerful yet humbling sections of my entire website.

Shown here is but a very small sample out of hundreds of typical “thank you” letters received. These testimonials are all totally unsolicited and “from the heart” of my patients. These and many more are all original and in binders in my office, which you can read on your visit.

Please take a few moments to review and appreciate how cosmetic surgery, in my safe, medical, and nurturing environment, can change your life. I never lose sight of this.

testimonial 1

Dear Dr. Romano, I remain ever grateful for your mentorship, friendship, & continual support. It has meant so much to me over the years. Thank you for being genuine & sincere with me always, & setting an example as a surgeon & person I aspire to be like as well, with your grace, wisdom & humility. Warmly, Ginger UCSF Plastic Surgeon

Thank you James for such a great job! My breasts look so natural and feel so soft that my boyfriend still doesn’t know that I did breast augmentation. I have been living with him for 2 years. And I think he is very proud of my breasts. Also I stopped wearing bras. I hated them a lot! I feel happy and free. Thank you again!

Dear Dr. Romano,
I was a newly single mom to beautiful twins in my early 30s when I decided to get my BBL. I didn’t feel good about the way my body looked and I missed the person I used to see in the mirror. When you look good to yourself, you feel good. And when you feel good about yourself, magic happens! Thank you forever for reigniting that magic for me! You gave me exactly what I wanted. P.S. I’m coming to see you soon for something else.
This patient had surgery one year ago and just wrote this note. Thank you. -JR

Dear Jim,
What a lovely, unexpected, but totally unnecessary gift. You are so kind and generous and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. You made my day! I’m just happy I could help. Thank you!

Dear Dr. Romano,
You have made the last year of my life wonderful!!! When you look good you feel good. You are the best of the best…But more importantly you are a good person as I would say a good soul. With extraordinary talents! My best! Please enjoy the wine! You made a comment about your brother being the artsy one in your family. Your skills are like an artist.

Dear Dr. Romano,
I cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me over the past 2 years. My experience working with you has been incredible & I aspire to be a doctor as caring, thoughtful, well spoken, empathetic, knowledgeable, wise, & strong as you. Working alongside you and having room to be inquisitive & innovative has helped me & follow my dreams of becoming a surgeon. This experience will be one I cherish forever & I will bring everything you have taught me through my life. I look forward to coming back & helping patients together, again. Always yours truly.

Hey Jim,
Our 25th Year! Thank you so much for your generous help and expertise. We hope you can join us as our guest. We send our Best Wishes.

Dr. Romano,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for making my visit such a comfortable and positive experience. Your kindness is much appreciated.

Dear Dr. Romano,

A year ago this month you performed my breast augmentation. I fondly recall how surprisingly comfortable the procedure was, and I wanted to share with you how delighted I am with the results and other positive changes that came as well.
I carefully followed all of your guidelines before and after the surgery and in the end I could not have wished for better-looking or more natural looking breasts. The size, shape, profile- I love everything about them! Before clothes shopping was just an errand. Now, I’m excited to try on clothes and after I had a professional bra fitting at Nordstrom I look forward to trying on pretty bras as well. For the fun of it, I recently did a boudoir photoshoot and many of the photos turned out amazing!
The other benefit from the entire process was the low-carb diet you advised. Since my early 20s I had frequent stomach aches that I attributed to a combination of stress and lactose intolerance. But after some time on the low carb diet, not only did I lost weight and kept it off, the stomach aches and bloating disappeared. The culprits were high carbs and hidden sugars. I am not permanently on a low carb lifestyle (well, with indulgences every once in a while!)
I am also continuing to take some of the vitamins you advised, and in conjunction with diet I feel that I am taking better care of myself than I ever did before the surgery.
Thank you so much for everything. What your other patients say is true, you are an artist as well as a surgeon. You patiently answered all my question, your staff was unfailingly helpful and my overall quality of life has improved.
All the best, A

A yelp review and flowers can’t do justice to how grateful I am for your work! Thank you a million!! Aloha,  – sent by one of our patients from Hawaii (January 29, 2018).

Dear Dr. Romano,
Thank you so much! I can’t even express in words how happy I am with the outcome of my surgery. Your patience, great aesthetic eye and dedication is so very much appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dr. James Romano
Life-changing experience. I was seeking reconstructive surgery, so my motive was medical as well as cosmetic. Dr. Romano is board-certified, which was the first thing that I investigated. He and I consulted more than once before going ahead with multiple procedures. This experience has changed my life. Here are my thoughts for those considering surgery, and looking for a physician:
1) Dr. Romano’s work is far beyond what I expected. He is professional, compassionate and experienced. He listened to me first, and then made his recommendations, with the understanding that we were partners in this experience; he is the expert in the work, knowing that I’m the one living with the results of his work.
2) Follow his directives. You will receive instructions regarding how to prepare for surgery weeks in advance. I followed his directions, and the major surgery was nearly painless. Dr. Romano will also make suggestions for the healing process afterword. Follow his advice.
3) Medical procedures often involve additional expenses. Allow for them and do not skimp. In my case, I needed to purchase compression garments, which are not cheap. I was tempted to purchase something less expensive but I’m glad that I did as I was told. Also, if the doctor recommends a hospital stay, do it. In hindsight, I could not imagine having to care for myself immediately after the surgery.
4) Office staff members are professional and helpful. They answer questions from insurance, scheduling, etc. to where to park when visiting the office.
5) I took a week off of work following surgery, and I’m so glad that I did. I needed the rest!
Even if I had not opted for surgery, it would have been worth the cost of investigation. After consulting more than one surgeon, I know that I’ve made the right choice.

I went to Dr. Romano for my breast augmentation about 3 month ago. All I can say is that I am absolutely in love with my results! It is exactly what I had hoped for and even better!

Dr. Romano is very patient and made me feel comfortable in the very beginning. His staff, specially Liza is amazing. I always look forward to my future visits because I know that I will be taken care of.Thank you so much, Dr. Romano and staff!


Dr. James J. Romano – You changed my life. I stand in the mirror and smile. The non-surgical breast reduction is better than I ever imagined. The face lift/chin implant is better than I ever imagined. The eyes look so natural and perfect. I have pride when I walk down the street, and a big smile on my face. You’re staff is the best! The best thing in my life right now.

Warmest Regards.


As a healthcare provider myself, I know the vital importance of giving total attention to every detail of any medical procedure. The need for detail is magnified when performing cosmetic surgery. I went to see Dr. Romano for a breast augmentation revision surgery, I already had two surgeries and both times I had a grade four contracture of my breasts. From the first time I met with Dr. Romano to discuss what I hope to achieve by having a surgery, I have been amazed at the level of detail and attention he puts into every aspects of his practice. He also talked about my nutritional health and instructed me which supplements to add and subtract from my routine to maximize the surgical results. At first, I was concerned to trust him as to what size implant to put in because I felt they would be too large. I decided to let him decide and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. My breast are soft, they look very natural and when I lay down they fall to the side like real breasts. He was understanding, compassionate, and forthright throughout the entire process. I have always felt that Dr. Romano listened to my desires and concerns and took as much time as necessary to explain each aspect of the procedure and answer any questions that I had. He has been thoughtful and caring at each phase of my treatment.
Not only does Dr. Romano have a great chair side manner but the amazing results of my procedure are testament to his outstanding surgical skill and incredible attention to each and every detail no matter how minor.
I would tell anyone seeking to have a cosmetic surgery procedure to not decide on your surgeon until you talk with Dr. Romano. I believe there is no better cosmetic surgeon around.

Iole, T.

Dear Dr. Romano,I wanted to thank you so much for your kindness and assurance before our daughter’s surgery. Your presence alone made all the difference.Her nose is exactly what we all hoped for. The supplements you recommended were amazing. Very little swelling, very little pain, and no black eyes! Thank you so much.Sincerely,


Dear Dr. Romano,Thank you for the staff you have carefully selected to assist you and your clients; they are wonderful. Thank you for changing the way I see myself. You know what to do, and you did it. I am very particular and detail oriented, and you exceeded my expectations — thank you! I will forever spread the words “Dr. Romano”. So far my friends, colleagues and clients are excited to follow my lead. Thank you so very much!


Dear Dr. Romano,
I just had to send you a quick note of thanks for doing what you did for Jacques and I on Friday. It was quite literally impossible to get a cab to come to your office, let alone one that would take us to the airport. After a very long time, you took it upon yourself to call a limo to come pick us up and you paid for it out of your own pocket! That completely flabbergasted me! That was truly the nicest, most generous thing anyone has ever done for us! From the bottom of my heat, and Jacques’, I thank you very much for doing that for us, Dr. Romano. And we made it to the airport in just the right time to catch our flight home.
And as an aside, three days out from surgery, I feel really great and the results are gorgeous already. The pain I had from the scar tissue is gone, in fact, I’m in very little post-surgical pain at all and I’m only taking Tylenol! And the anesthesiologist did a fantastic job of keeping me nausea-free after surgery—he was a great listener and did everything he could to make me feel great upon waking. I remember when the OR nurse asked me why I came all the up to San Francisco to see you, right before the surgery, and I told her, “because Dr. Romano is awesome”, and it was the God’s honest truth. You are awesome and I am so thankful to have you as my doctor. Thanks for doing such a beautiful job on my breast revision surgery. I am excited to see how wonderful my right breast is going to look in the coming weeks. You are a very talented artist and a fantastic man!

Peri, B.

Dear Dr. Romano,Earlier today I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom and looking in the mirror at my face and thinging how happy I am and thankful for all you did for me…you’re a special person to have come into my life and created so much magic for me…Love, 


Dear Dr. Romano,I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgery, and would just like to thank you for not only being professional but also for being gentle and friendly.Sincerely,


Dr. Romano,You Probably hear this a lot; “Thank You” for changing and improving my life. I don’t think I realized how much I was embarassed by the fact that I had an inverted nipple. For years doctors have told me that it’s normal. Crooked teeth and bad eye sight are normal too, but they can be corrected. Since puberty I have had to stand at just the right angle in the gym dressing room so other women wouldn’t see my inverted nipple; not to mention the cute bras and shirts I couldn’t wear which showed my lack of a nipple. Plus, you can’t imagine the insecurity I felt in intimate situations. The freedom, sensuality and confidence I feel now is life changing. I hope other women are blessed enough to find you. Your entire office made this an easy decision to make.Thank you,


Dear Dr. Romano,Words can’t adequately express the full range of emotions that I’ve gone through during this experience. I started with uncertainty and trepidation and through your compassion moved to a clear focus and finally elation. I still look in the mirror with awe at the transformation. While your skill is, of course, unquestionable, I really believe that it is your holistic approach that sets you apart from the rest.Fondly,


Some artists use paint, and others sound, still others use cameras and others language. But there is one, unique among creators. He is that of the body sculptor. A true body sculptor is an artist, one with the ability to bring the beauty of the soul to the surface of the skin. He whisks, changes, creates and alters, taking the potential of the body and crafting new life.To my new life, I salute you, my sculptor — Dr. Romano.

Dear Dr. Romano,I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did – I love my “new mouth”! You put in just the right amount of Perlane; it is perfection itself. Also, I wanted to tell you what a joy and a pleasure it was/is to have you as a doctor, and what a nice staff you have working with you. Your personable, warm and approachable manner makes me feel at ease. This, combined with your obviously very high level of expertise, is an unbeatable combination! I feel lucky to have found you, and only wish you and your lovely staff were closer to where I live. Thanks once again for the great work — With much appreciation,Sincerely,


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