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There are many patients with sensitive skin who still desire to have skincare treatments and products to improve their skin and delay aging. These patients are often frustrated because they feel like they must choose their skincare products very cautiously. They notice that their skin is delicate, dry, and prone to allergic reactions. Sensitive skin is much more prone to skin irritations caused by harsh soaps and cosmetics that contain alcohol or synthetic fragrances than other skin types. Sensitive skin on the face will appear thin and dry, and the veins will often be visible. Sensitive skin is the most unpredictable during extreme temperature changes. During the harsh cold and the extreme heat, the face will often turn red, blotchy, dry, flaky, and itchy. Sensitive skin reacts more readily to skincare treatments and products.


Your examination will range from skin that appears to be completely normal on the surface all the way to the opposite extreme in which it is red, irritable, flaky, dry, and thin. There are all sorts of degrees in between. You know that most products make this worse and that stress, weather, and activity can also have an effect.

Program Basics and Overview

This is the basic outline for treating patients with sensitive skin. It is highly customized to begin with only the mildest, non-allergenic, and anti-inflammatory products. Once your skin becomes accustomed to this, your skin becomes more durable and can begin to tolerate gradually increased interventions. The tolerance of patients with sensitive skin can virtually always be slowly increased. The program needs be highly customized, and it will be modified according to your expectations, history, anatomy, and lifestyle.


  • Begin Gentle Products. This is the combination of Retin-A and hydroquinone that is highly customized to your skin and sensitivity and very effective at first steps of skin conditioning.
  • Home Program. This will of course be necessary and customized
  • Intensify and Customize Products Slowly. Depending on your motivations and skin condition we will constantly monitor the dosages of Retin-A and other products.
  • Maintenance. Once your results are obtained, you will only need to use the creams 2-3 times a week.
  • Monitoring. We will examine you and review your results, expectations and program on a regular basis or as needed once in maintenance.

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