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The incisions that occur immediately after and as a by-product of plastic surgery are dealt with elsewhere.


This section deals with scars that have occurred from previous old surgery or trauma. These scars differ widely on the body in terms of color, width, texture and firmness, raised or flat. This also differs and is determined by their location on the body and the nature of their cause. For instance, a scar over the knee where tissues are tight will always heal wide. A scar from a trauma or blunt force will always be worse than a clean surgical scar from a scalpel blade. Treatment will also depend greatly on if your scar was recent or old, and how old.


We will determine the qualities of the scar (color, width, texture, firmness, red or raised). We will then determine location on your body (under tension or relaxed). Next we will determine the cause of the scar (blunt trauma force or clean surgical cut). We will next determine the age of the scar. All these combined with what are your goals and expectations will be factored into our highly customized treatment plan.

Program Basics and Overview

This is the basic outline for treating scars. It relies on removing upper-level thick and unhealthy scar-tissue cells, softening and flattening any remaining scars, and lightening the color of scars. It will be modified according to your expectations, history, anatomy, and lifestyle.


  • Cleansing and exfoliating treatment. This is mostly to exfoliate and prepare the skin and scar for better penetration of products.
  • Ultrasound treatment. This is done at the same time to further enhance softening of the scar and better penetration of products.
  • Home Product recommendations. This depends on your scar, but we mostly use TNS Recovery Complex, formulated with human growth factors, and Coats Aloe gel with Vitamins A and E or E.G.F. This is combined with specific massage instructions.
  • Silicone pressure therapy. We will decide if you are a candidate to begin this therapy.
  • Intensify the products of your home program. This is done according to your degree of improvement and usually involves stronger products.
  • Medical peels. Determine at this time if a series of chemical peels is indicated for taking scars to the next level of flatness. This will help smooth the scar and blend in to the surrounding skin
  • Adjust and continue products.
  • Final Evaluation. If the scar is not significantly better or meets your expectations this is where we determine if other treatment such as laser or surgery are needed.
  • Maintenance. Product evaluation. At this time you may have received the maximum benefit and likely will no longer need products for scar therapy.

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