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Body Lift

This procedure is also known as “buttock lift,” “outer-thigh lift,” or “belt lift.” Patients present with loose hanging folds of skin, mostly over the outer thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. There may also be loose skin above the knees. Dr. Romano can surgically treat these areas with minimal incisions to create beautiful results that appear natural and are quick to heal.

Dr. Romano Explains

This surgery is often requested by both men and women of any age, commonly as a result of weight loss, but it may be related to other causes. It is also known as “belt lift,” “buttock lift,” or “outer-thigh lift.”


This condition is very disturbing to patients, and I understand this issue. I can help you with it.


The common features patients present with are loose hanging folds of skin, mostly over the outer thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. There may also be loose skin above the knees. By using a simple test of pinching the excess skin and pulling up, patients can determine the locations, amount, and vectors of “pull” of excess skin in the abdominal area, over the outer thighs, and over the buttocks. There may be some excess fat in all of these areas as well. The anatomic features that give rise to this condition are basically just excess and loose hanging skin. The underlying muscles and bones are fine. There is laxity in the ligaments that course from the muscles to the skin to support these areas. The relationship between the amount of excess skin, skin elasticity, vectors of laxity, and excess fat is what determines the surgical intervention. I will coordinate all of these features of your anatomy with your expectations, formulate a plan with you, and guide you through this process. Surgery involves a general anesthetic and an overnight stay in the hospital and is performed where I do surgery, which is in a hospital setting. The surgery is safe and predictable. There is some pain and swelling after surgery, but this is not severe or prolonged. The stitches are all dissolvable, and you can return to work in as little as ten to fourteen days and to some physical exercise in the third week.


The surgical procedure and results in body lift depend on your anatomy, the number of areas involved, the amount of excess skin, and vectors of laxity. Collectively, these features all determine where the incisions need be made, how long the incisions need to be, how much skin will be removed, and whether this surgery can be done in one session or will need multiple stages. The different categories of this surgery that I offer in my practice are:


  • Outer Thigh Lift: This is a case in which the abdomen and buttocks are mostly okay, and a lift to just the outer thighs is needed. The incision is some length along the belt area of the outer thigh.
  • Inner Thigh Lift: Same as above, as applies to the inner thigh. The incision is just in the groin area where I remove a crescent of skin.
  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): This may be done alone or in stages combined with a body lift. See the separate section for this procedure.
  • Buttock lift: This can be done alone or as part of one of the stages of a body lift. The procedure involves an incision in the belt area, just in the back and partway around the sides.

The surgery involves making incisions in concealed areas, such as in the underwear lines, and then creating a space to loosen any retaining ligaments, tightening underlying muscles as indicated, pulling the edges together at just the right tension, trimming the excess, and closing up the incisions. The surgery is not that uncomfortable because it is essentially a surface surgery, and I do not cut through things that hurt like muscles, tendon, and bone. I have great expertise in body-lifting procedures, and I have performed many of these operations over the years with very natural results. I spend a great deal of time discussing your anatomy, listening to your expectations, and interpreting for you what your anatomy and tissues will safely and predictably allow me to do. In addition I consider your body as a whole, and I build a system into all body-contouring surgeries that, initially, allows you to recover much more quickly and, secondly, preserves your surgical results. This system includes a special diet, special attention to blood clotting, vitamins, supplements, special garments, skin products, physical training, and knowing what to avoid. Together all of this allows me to create results that are consistently very beautiful, quick to heal, and exceptionally natural. I use minimal incisions. I am delighted to surgically provide you with such a profound yet natural body-image change, one that has so consistently pleased my patients and changed their lives.

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