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Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Romano’s signature Brazilian Butt Lift can enable you to have a curvaceous figure made popular by J.Lo and Beyoncé. This unique procedure generally transfers fat from the hips, lower back and/or flank to provide an S-shaped lower spine while also contouring the lateral thigh. Dr. Romano’s technique can create youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile.

Dr. Romano Explains

The Brazilian Butt Lift is for patients who desire to improve their small, flat buttocks and are very self-conscious and disturbed by this issue. It is often not related to weight loss or other factors so much as it is just what they are born with. In principle it is the same as fat grafting in the body, but the features and indications for surgery are different and very important. First of all, you must have some fat “reserve” excess in your body—enough to allow for a resource of fat to graft. If you are really thin or athletic you may not be a candidate, or you may have to gain weight. Secondly, your buttocks have to have some tone and contour and not be completely deflated or sagging. Provided these conditions are present to some degree or another, we can proceed. The relevant anatomy is that of basically not enough volume of fat in the buttocks. The muscles are usually okay. The buttock area blends intimately into the lower hip area, so this must also be evaluated, usually for liposuction, in order to create a lower inward curve to the back and then an outward curve over the buttock. With that said, there are a number of anatomic features that must be analyzed and addressed prior to your surgery. I will coordinate the features of your anatomy with your expectations, formulate a plan with you, and guide you through this process. There are very specific techniques for collecting fat and grafting it into the correct areas, and I will explain and illustrate all of this to you. Surgery involves a light general anesthetic and is performed where I do surgery, which is in a hospital setting. The surgery is safe and predictable. The fat grafting is planned and designed to be permanent, and it is. There is a mild-to-moderate degree of swelling after surgery. All of the stitches are small and are removed in four to seven days. You can return to work in as little as two to three days and to some physical exercise in the second week. You cannot sit on your buttocks for about two weeks.


I do not perform buttock synthetic (silicone) implants under any circumstances.


There is an   art to fat grafting in terms of which fat to harvest, how it is harvested and prepared, how it is injected and grafted, and how to make it permanent. I have expertise in fat grafting to the buttocks, and I have performed many of these operations with very natural results. I spend a great deal of time discussing your anatomy, listening to your expectations, and interpreting for you what your anatomy and tissues will safely and predictably allow me to do. In addition I consider your body as a whole, and I build a system into all body contour surgeries that, initially, allows you to recover much more quickly and, secondly, preserves your surgical results.

Please read Dr. Romano’s article on fat grafting FAQs in the Educational Articles section of the website.

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