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Mommy Makeover

Dr. Romano has been guiding mothers through Mommy Makeovers for many years. Simply put, a Mommy Makeover is the combination of tummy tuck, some liposuction, and rejuvenation of the breasts, either with a lift or implants—or both. Obviously, the needs of some mothers may differ. With the patient, Dr. Romano carefully plans which procedures to perform, which ones to combine, and sometimes which ones not to do right away. Patients receive outstanding results that restore your figure, shape, and size to what it was before childbirth. Patients often later admit to Dr. Romano, “I wish I would have done this earlier so I could have been enjoying the result right away.”

Dr. Romano Explains

“Mommy Makeover” is the generic term applied to the surgery or combinations of surgery that address the changes in your anatomy that occur specifically after childbirth. These changes can occur in one or multiple areas. Changes in the breast may occur after childbirth with or without breast-feeding, but most often are the result of breast-feeding. These changes can occur after breast-feeding several children or only one. They can also occur just through engorgement during pregnancy whether you breast-feed or not. The changes involve breast deflation, loss of upper pole volume, and sagging. All or several of these issues may be present. Breast lifting, breast implants, or both are solutions to these issues. Changes in the abdomen involve one or several areas. There may be accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen alone or in combination with relaxation of the ligaments and skin and the appearance of stretch marks. Liposuction alone or in combination with a tummy tuck, removal of excess skin, and tightening loose muscles is the solution to this issue. Excess fatty accumulation in the hips and flanks and thighs can also be treated. The changes in the breast, abdomen, and thighs can all be addressed at the same time or at different stages, and I will guide you through this process.

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