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Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Augmentation revision procedures are one of the most popular procedures performed by Dr. Romano. He is sensitive to the reasons that women feel that any abnormal features can be so deforming and disturbing to them. He also understands clearly why patients are motivated to look normal again.


Dr. Romano can utilize numerous techniques, types of implants, and incisions for breast augmentation revision surgery. After thousands of successful breast augmentation procedures, he can artistically achieve results that are more natural and predictable than ever before. Dr. Romano is well known for his special expertise in breast augmentation revisions, and he has learned that much can be done with this surgery to not only increase the present size of your breasts, but also to provide a very beautiful and natural shape.

Dr. Romano Explains

Revision of breast augmentation procedures is one of the most popular procedures I perform. This is clearly not only because of the sheer number of women who have undergone this procedure, but also because women and their doctor often do not agree in their perceptions of the cosmetic results.


There are many previous breast surgery conditions and outcomes that span the spectrum from mild to severely deforming. But fortunately almost all of these conditions lend themselves to very predictable improvements. Previous surgeries that have healed with misplaced implants, contracture, unevenness, hardness, rippling, and lack of roundness can all be improved with revision surgery. The breast augmentation revision surgery is almost always less painful with quicker recovery simply because there is an implant already in place that has already stretched out the tissues and created space. I research the many details of your previous surgery to prevent repeating whatever may have contributed to your present situation. Your anatomy, combined with your expectations, is used to put a plan together. Much can be done with this surgery, to not only increase the present size of your breasts, but also provide a very beautiful and natural shape. A wide array of implants is available—from saline to silicone, from fuzzy to smooth, from round to anatomic. The particular implant depends on what you have currently, what you want to achieve, and what your body will allow. Gel fill materials have evolved to be very safe, feel natural, and cause less contracture. Surgery involves a relatively short procedure under a light general anesthetic and is performed where I do surgery, which is in a hospital setting. The surgery is safe and predictable. Virtually immediately after surgery you see your results that get better with time. All of the stitches are dis-solvable, and the recovery is rapid; you can return to work in several days and to some physical exercise within the first week.


Surgery to revise previous breast enlargement surgery is very common in my practice, to the point that I have a special expertise in this area and am well known for this procedure.

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