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Tubular Breast Correction

Tubular breast is a condition related to the development of the breast gland and the overlying skin in which the breast is not round, but oval. In addition the lower pole skin between the nipple and fold is tight and short, the breast fold is higher up under the breast, the areola is large and puffy, and the amount of breast tissue is minimal. The breasts are usually very uneven and asymmetrical in this condition.


Tubular breast correction relies on the use of a carefully selected implant and carefully placed internal incisions in order to release scar tissue, round out the bottom of the breast, create a lower and more natural breast crease, create cleavage, add volume, and lift and perk up the breast. The surgery may be associated with a breast lift with incisions if there is extreme drooping. This surgery can almost always be performed in one stage, with an incision no bigger than that required for breast enlargement. It is important to note that Dr. Romano has special expertise in this surgery, and his outstanding surgical results draw patients from all over the world.


Dr. Romano Explains

Tubular breast, also referred to as tuberous breast, constricted breast, or oval breast, is a congenital variation of the normal breast. I see women of all ages with this condition, but mostly very young women notice this when they first begin to compare their anatomy with other women and notice there is a significant abnormal shape. Regardless of the age of presentation, it is something that many women hate, feel embarrassed about, and wished they could have corrected.Tubular breast correction is very technical, but typically very predictable.



More information on tubular breast correction procedure can be found in this video.

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