Buccal Fat Pad Excision

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Buccal Fat Pad Excision

A buccal fat extraction (usually pronounced like a buckle) is the procedure to remove the fat pads that augment the lower part of the cheeks. Often times, if you purse your lips to whistle, you will notice a more chiseled, hollow look. It is also a procedure that is often sought to remedy a condition often referred to as “chipmunk cheeks.” You may have heard it called “cheek reduction surgery,” as well. It is an appearance that individuals in their late 20s to early 30s begin to see naturally as they age. It’s also interesting to note that treatment of this condition is popular with many fashion runway models. The procedure requires special expertise and artistic capability. Fortunately, Dr. Romano has both of these assets and is experienced in creating a natural result.

Dr. Romano Explains

The more patients study their facial features, the more often very subtle features become very noticeable. A very round middle face, puffy cheeks, and loss of cheek bone contour are common reasons patients don’t like their look and seek this surgery. The anatomy of the middle face, often called the midface, is composed of its bony foundations (cheekbones and below), the surface fat, and the deep fat pocket—called the “buccal fat pad,” “Bichat’s fat pad,” or “fat pad of Bichat.” I address this area very carefully when evaluating each patient. A common misconception is that this area is the same as the fat seen below and along the jawline, called the “jowl fat.” This is different. It is intimately related to the lower cheekbone contour above and the jawline and jowl below, so that there are many different anatomic features of each of these areas that must be addressed prior to your surgery.

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