Anticipating Plastic Surgery

James J. Romano, MD

Anticipating plastic surgery, Dr. Romano knows, involves a great deal of commitment and research on the part of his patients. With this in mind, Dr. Romano calls attention to the most important element of his personal practice style: that he consistently constructs and nurtures a relationship with every patient, a relationship that supports open, meaningful, and honest communication. With this as a foundation, his entire practice is committed to answering all of your questions and thoroughly educating you about your surgery.

Choosing a plastic surgeon can be challenging. Dr. Romano is a highly credentialed, double board certified, and very skillful, human doctor ready to answer all of your questions. You will experience an extraordinary level of pre- and post-operative care. You and Dr. Romano must share the same aesthetic perspective in order to proceed. Patients can always reach Dr. Romano by phone, and he answers all of his emails personally. Dr. Romano’s history of happy patients and great results are a testimony to this environment.

The consultation process in his office involves you and Dr. Romano and conversations, not layers of nurses, consultants, and others. You are encouraged to bring your partner or family member or friend. You and Dr. Romano spend plenty of time together and are not rushed. Dr. Romano will listen to your concerns and expectations, review your health, assess your anatomy and features, and then present the surgical options with an emphasis on all of this and the specifics of your life and return-to-lifestyle needs. At the end of this visit you will quickly identify what separates him and his office from the other doctors you may meet.

The decision to have plastic surgery, by whom, when, and where is not trivial, and we know that. We engage with you in all the issues and elements involved. All of your fees are laid out clearly in an easy-to-understand manner. Financing and payment option plans are available, and we guide you through these.

Preparation for your surgery involves a very comprehensive medical assessment, a special preoperative diet and supplement program, a list of things not to take, a preoperative activity and exercise program, skin preparation by his medical esthetician, and several office visits to make sure you are thoroughly educated and prepared to be able to obtain and preserve his best results.

Surgery is done in an accredited hospital-based facility that meets Dr. Romano’s personal high standards of the best quality of care, privacy, and patient convenience. Dr. Romano uses only certain handpicked board-certified anesthesiologists specifically skilled in the specific requests and requirements he has set for his cosmetic surgery patients. He does not perform surgery in his office. He can often combine several procedures if you want a lot done, or he will guide you in how to best split these up. Dr. Romano has arrangements for you to stay overnight in the hospital or at a special postoperative care facility if you need to. We can make all of the preparations for your transportation and places of recovery.

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