The popularity of the mommy makeover is rising as a growing number of women are seeking plastic surgery procedures to restore their post-pregnancy bodies. After children some women may suffer from deflated breasts, extreme stretch marks, and sagging loosened skin in their abdominal region causing them a great deal of insecurity and distress.

During a mommy makeover procedure patients may receive a combination of cosmetic surgeries at once, like tummy tuck to improve the abdominal region, breast lift to lift and fill out breasts than have become saggy as a result of breastfeeding, liposuction to reduce the fat pockets in certain areas or breast augmentation. These procedures are combined to restore and reshape the body to its pre-pregnancy appearance.

Since every woman’s body is different, a mommy makeover is carefully customized and tailored to each individual’s needs. Dr Romano will work with you and your body to create natural and lasting results.

Patients receiving a “mommy makeover” will typically undergo multiple surgeries at one time meaning recovery can be longer than a single surgery. The results are long lasting and dramatic offering women a full transformation and a more confident and positive version of themselves.

According to of the surgeries performed in 2013 on patients ages 30 and 39 the most popular surgeries were breast augmentation at 36%, tummy tucks at 35% and butt lifts at 33%. For more statistics please see,

If you’re a mom who wants to regain your confidence and feel good about your body and overall physical appearance contact Dr. James Romano in San Francisco for information and a consultation about the Mommy Makeover or other plastic surgery procedures.

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