For most of us our body responds to what we eat and how often we exercise. Many individuals are able to change their body’s physical appearance when they change their diet and exercise regime, but unfortunately the same theories don’t apply for our facial features.

Although there are creams, machines and gadgets that promise a more youthful appearance instantly results are often minimal and temporary. As we age, our facial skin loosens and wrinkles, and the muscles and ligaments in the face of the neck relax. This can cause facial sagging and volume loss. There are many factors that contribute to this aging process like frequent exposure to sun, weight fluctuations, lifestyle choices and heredity.

“Each face is different. It is the focus of our personality and identity. You can’t use a standard technique for everyone. As surgeons, we have a wide range of options. The technique must be customized to a patient’s expectations and what their anatomy will allow me to do in a safe and predictable way.”

A face lift procedure can address these problems and reverse signs of facial aging by tightening the facial and neck muscles and ligaments and removing excess skin. The state of the art facelift may involve adding or removing volume through fat grafting or through surgical implants and adjusting done structure. The results are a more youthful, healthy energetic appearance. Bringing a tired-looking and older face to a more refreshed and youthful look. Surgeons have to be highly skilled and have this specific expertise. Dr Romano does this in several lengthy consultations where careful analysis of your expectations and goals are combined with what your anatomy will allow him to achieve in a safe and predictable way. Dr Romano calls it a “partnership” where both of you plan and agree. Considered some of the finest results in the country, Dr. Romano’s skills and artistic expertise enable him to create “natural” outcomes, leaving your appearance more youthful and refreshed looking.

“Every one of my patients has their own unique visions of beauty. I want to make sure the patient and I have the same aesthetic vision.”

Dr Romano provides more in depth information about his face lift procedures.

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