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Face Lifts: The Down-Low About Going Up by Dr. James Romano

Face lifts, liquid face lifts, mini face lifts, injectable fillers and BOTOX are all used in our office to combat the signs of gravity and aging.  In recent entries we talked about how all of these different procedures could benefit you specifically.  Writing about the range of all of theses options got us thinking.  While a facelift, liquid lift or even a non-surgical BOTOX injection may make you look younger on the outside, is that the greatest benefit? What we found may surprise you!

Face lift? How about a confidence boost?

As we gathered information from patients who have undergone some of these face lift procedures, one thing was universal: they all reported looking better on the outside but were feeling overwhelmed with how good they felt on the inside!


While it was exciting seeing patients for follow up appointments and hearing how they enjoyed receiving compliments on their fresher, more rested looking face, what really seemed to make them smile was describing how confident, sexy, and excited they were to show off their new look.


The past few blogs about the procedure have discussed different aspects of the face lift and what it means for you and the world we live in. Our culture has categorized the “facelift” as a renovation. The most important part of considering a facelift is making sure it is right for you. Exploring the liquid face lift, learning about the reasons you are seeking this information, and consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Romano are the most responsible steps a potential patient should take.

A Face Lift in San Francisco with Dr. Romano

To see what patients are saying about their face lift with Dr. Romano in San Francisco, click below. Then, when you’re ready to take the next step, fill out a contact form or call our office to schedule your consultation for your face lift.


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