Don’t shy away from showing off your core this summer with help from Dr Romano. The crop top and high-waisted bottoms are in this season and with so many variations to achieve this look, one or two of these items might make their way into your closet. For those of you who may be fearful of revealing your navel region we’re here to dish on umbilicoplasty also known as “belly button surgery”. This highly sought after procedure is popular among new mommies, moms to be, current moms and even non-moms who are self conscious about their outie belly button, regrettable piercings and/or scars from other procedures looking to achieve a more streamlined midsection.

Sometimes the navel region, especially after children becomes stretched horizontally and appears distorted. Someone with extreme weight loss or hernia will have excess skin over the area and other times individuals are born with “outies” or protruding navel areas. With an umbilicoplasty surgeons are able to remove extra skin from the belly button area to reshape the navel. This procedure is done under local anesthesia and is a great compliment to a tummy tuck or lower body lift. Typically there is minimal to no scarring because the incision is done through the cavern of the navel which is hidden from view. Contact Dr Romano and get ready to bare the bellybutton!

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