Mentor MemoryShape Implants Now FDA Approved for Breast Surgery

The new anatomically-shaped implants by Mentor Corporation received FDA approval this week. The company announced in a news release that clearance had been granted for women 22 and older getting breast augmentation or breast reconstruction.

The new implant offers “the perfect balance of shape and feel to obtain the natural and youthful look patients desire,” according to Mentor President David J. Wilson.

Mentor MemoryShape Implants are:

  • Shaped: Unlike round breast implants, they have an anatomical (teardrop) shape that mimics the silhouette of a natural breast.
  • Studied: The implants have been used for over 10 years outside the United States. An ongoing decade-long study of 955 patients found a low incidence of adverse events.
  • Firm: Filled with cohesive silicone gel, MemoryShape implants offer excellent shape retention, just like the new implants from Sientra and Allergan.

Like all implants from Mentor Corp, MemoryShape Implants are available in a range of sizes. Patients can find the right size by using the company’s volume sizing system or through the sizing options available at our San Francisco plastic surgery office.

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