Let’s first discuss the inverted nipple before divulging into corrective procedures. An inverted nipple can be found in 2 out of every 100 women, but can also be found in men. The nipple can appear flat or resembles a slit like depression where a protruding nipple would be found. It is defined as a nipple that is located on a plane lower than the areola, which causes cosmetic and functional problems. In nursing women for instance, these types of inverted nipples can cause irritation and inflammation when breastfeeding. But for individuals that are insecure about this aspect of their body it can also cause emotional and psychological distress as the nipple may lack sensitivity or the ability to become erect during arousal.

Everyone’s body is different and the degree of nipple inversion can be as well. Some nipples are inverted and can be encouraged to evert or poke out with stimulation or pressure, while others do not evert at all. For those of you suffering with this problem and are thinking about nipple inversion correction surgery we’ve provided some information about the procedure.

Consultations with other plastic surgeons, may have led patients to believe they should leave the area “as is”. Mainly because these surgeons were uncomfortable with performing the traditional procedures which required unsightly incisions within the skin and intrusive devices. Often times patients were left with severe scarring and lack of nipple sensitivity. Dr. Romano specializes in nipple inversion correction and has developed tried and true techniques to ensure lasting and satisfactory results. He corrects the nipple inversion under local anesthesia, using very small and imperceptible incisions on the nipple only he is able to create a natural appearance. He is able to bring the nipples to as large a size as the patient’s natural tissue allows which suits each individual’s body. There is no hardware or devices needed within his surgery and the procedure lasts about an hour. Patients can return to their normal lives after the surgery and can even exercise and return to physical activities after 2 days. This procedures is also a great compliment to a breast reduction or augmentation and can be performed within one surgical appointment.

For more information on this or any other of the specialty plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr James Romano is San Francisco, contact his office at 415.981.3911.

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