Recently, television personality Julie Chen revealed on her daytime show, The Talk, that she had undergone eyelid surgery to alter the appearance of her eyes.

The host candidly spoke about the obstacles she faced as an Asian-American trying to build momentum in her chosen field of journalism with eyes that were dubbed “too Asian.”  As Chen came forward with her decision to go under the knife for her job, many women of all ethnicities are asking themselves, would I do the same?

Altering to Americana

Chen confesses that more than several people in her line of work told her plastic surgery was not an option but a necessity for her to advance up the journalism ladder. From producers to potential agents, she was told that her look was not relatable to the general public. Chen opted for a procedure to make her eyes look bigger and remove skin from the upper lid to make them open wider.

Not to anyone’s surprise, Chen received an outpouring of both love and hate from just about everyone, including people who share her heritage.  Reactions ranged anywhere from the sympathetic and supportive to angry and aggressive.  Some of the public denounced her for turning her back on the physical characteristics that come from her roots while others commended her for choosing to have the confidence to come forward with her decision.

Is it right for you?

Several options are available when it comes to the altering or enhancement of your eyes. Patients come in looking for brighter, bigger, wider, and younger-looking lids all the time. The most popular procedures are geared toward making your eyes, and in turn your face, look younger, fresher, and more rested. If you are looking for a remedy for tired and aging eyes, several options can be explored here:

The most important thing to look for when considering eyelid surgery is self assurance. Ultimately, Chen states that she is proud of the decision she made which leads us to believe she took the appropriate steps before getting eyelid surgery.  Like her, be positive that this is the route you want to take whether it is for a career or for your own personal satisfaction.

The best way to decide if these procedures will benefit you is to speak with loved ones and those you trust. Dr. Romano can answer any questions you may have regarding the different levels of eyelid surgery.  A consultation with Dr. Romano will put any hesitations at ease and will leave you feeling informed enough to make the appropriate decision for yourself.

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