The newest trend in Plastic Surgery is not a new procedure. The plastic surgery community is seeing a consistent increase in who is actually undergoing these procedures. Men are the newest market to embrace the benefits of cosmetic surgery. But what is the most requested procedure? ** You may be surprised…

Read about how liposuction has become the top procedure requested by men here:

Women are not the only patients who have trouble losing those extra inches around their abdomen. Sometimes no matter how much time you spend in the gym or how much self -discipline you devote to your diet those pesky pounds just will not go away.  As men make their way to their cosmetic surgeon consultations they are finding that liposuction is the answer to their physical frustrations.

Liposuction for men has grown in popularity because of the benefits of how the procedure can make patients look and feel.  For men who are having trouble getting to their ideal physique liposuction can give your body the extra help you need to get to your desired shape.  Isolated problem areas on the male form are great candidates for treatment with liposuction.  Men are seeking liposuction for treatment anywhere stubborn pounds exist from places like the waist to even the chest.

If you are considering treating your problem areas be sure to consult your plastic surgeon. Discussing your options with your physician will give you a better idea of what to expect pre and post liposuction procedures. Click below to speak with Dr. Romano.


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